Perfect Sandbridge Beach Reading: Top 10 New York Times’ Best Sellers

best seller

Uninterrupted reading time is one of the great pleasures of a vacation at Sandbridge Beach. Whether you’re reading on a balcony, on the beach, in the hammock or listening to an audiobook on the way down, an inspirational, entertaining, or engaging page-turner is a must-have. Finding a good book can be overwhelming, so finding a suggested-reading list can help you narrow down your choices. Here are 10 great beach reads from recent New York Times Best Seller selections:


10/2/17 Memory Monday – Sailing Away

Greetings from Sandbridge on this beautiful Monday.  We hope you had a good weekend and are looking forward to the upcoming Columbus day weekend.  We still have some weekend getaways available if you are looking for a place at the beach.  Speaking of which this week’s Memory Monday photo submission is entitled “Sailing Away” and it provided to us by Beth Noble.


Top 10 Boredom Busters In and Around Sandbridge Beach

Boredom Busters

With summer fun behind us and the excitement of the holidays still weeks away, things can get a little boring at home in the fall. If you’re in need of a boredom-busting adventure, head to Sandbridge Beach. Fall in Sandbridge Beach offers some unique opportunities. Here are some of our favorite fall adventures in Sandbridge Beach.


Sun and Moon – Memory Monday 9/25/17

This morning we are a little distracted here at Sandbridge Blue as Hurricane Maria churns to our south and is slowly moving north.  We’ve been through a lot of storms here in Sandbridge over the years, but we always perk up a bit when there is one coming as close as this one is predicted to be.   In the meantime we present to you another Memory Monday photo submission and this one we will call sun and moon.


Memory Monday 9/11/17 Light show

Greetings on this Patriot’s day 2017.   Those of us old enough to remember know what happened 16 years ago today, and we take this time to pause and remember those who were lost that day, as well as to honor those who put themselves in harm’s way to save others on that fateful day.   I remember where I was on that morning when that plane crashed on live television (I was listening to Imus in the Morning on WFAN Radio in New York City as I was driving to work that day).   The nation would never be the same again.


7 Fall Activities Sandbridge Locals Love

fall activties

Autumn is a special time of year at Sandbridge Beach. Summer temperatures give way to cooler fall days and nights, crowds thin, and locals get excited about the prospect of putting on knitwear and, occasionally…socks. Fall is a time for residents to chill, and if you’re visiting Sandbridge Beach in the off-season, you just may find yourself in the flow of relaxed, time-honored fall activities.


Memory Monday 9/4/17 Labor Day!

Happy Labor day!   We are having a simply fantastic day here in Sandbridge.  The weather is perfect.  I mean it is really perfect!  Temps are great, sun is shining, there is no chance of rain, and the ocean is absolutely beautiful.   The only thing that is better than the weather is for us that have school aged children we are sending them back to school tomorrow!   woo hoo!


Memory Monday 8/28/17 – Sunrise

Greetings from a cloudy and windy Sandbridge on this Monday.   You may have heard there is a Tropical Cyclone brewing off of Florida/Georgia that may work its way into our weather forecast as a Tropical Storm.   If it grows into a tropical storm it would be named “Irma.”   All of the forecast models take the storm to our south through or just off of the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Tuesday and then moving quickly out to sea by Wednesday.