Memory Monday 7/6/15

Pool antics!

Thanks to this week’s Memory Monday photo submission
source Laura Jones of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania who stayed with Sandbridge Blue in the vacation rental
property “Joy Seas” just last week!   It was a hot one and as you can see Laura and her crew
enjoyed a dip in the pool.


5 Things to Double-Check Before Leaving on Vacation

The week before vacation can be quite frantic. Trying to get projects
wrapped up at work, staying ahead of the laundry so you have clothes to wear now and clothes to pack, and
keeping an emotional cap on your kids (and yourself) are just a few of your chores. There is little wonder
that these five things often get overlooked by people rushing out the door for a fun-filled vacation at Sandbridge Beach.


Planning a Sandbridge Beach Vacation? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever worked with travel agents, you’re aware
that they have a standard list of questions they ask before beginning. Once they have the answers, they use
the information to come up with a fabulous adventure for you and your family. You can easily do the same.


Do You Travel Green?

you someone who likes to travel green, searching for accommodations that are environmentally responsible?
Sandbridge Blue recently received a Virginia Green travel star award for focusing our business operations and encouraging our
vacation rental properties to recycle and consider additional green practices and upgrades.


Wintertime Projects In Sandbridge

Wintertime not slowing down winter projects

Newschannel 3 (WTKR) reported this week
on the many projects going on around Sandbridge this winter in preparation for the upcoming 2014 vacation